Friday, January 29, 2010

Why Do I Need To Know How To Make A Guy Want Me? 3 Rules To Follow

As I've stated before, I've been shopping around for public articles on relationship and so forth.

I was really peeved at reading the most of the articles by men that talked about getting women. Nothing really about staying where you're at and loving that person.

While that's exactly what the women articles spoke about. On top of that, they talked about keeping a man and pleasing a man and doing all the little things possible to make him want to come home at night.

But what did Toni Braxton say? Love should have brought you home last night.

Can the church say Amen? Amen!

Yeah, a girl was hot reading that day. Angry hot!

So I ask, why do I need to know how to make a guy want me?

There are really only three rules to follow in order to get a guy, keep a guy and make a guy want you:

1. 90 days. Keeping to a 90 day policy at least gives you more than enough time to know if you really want this guy. Or if he's worth the time.

2. Do Unto Him As You Would Want Him To Do Unto You. In order to achieve this, you must have great communication. What you like needs to be voiced and what he likes needs to be told you you. Great discussions can lead to great times together. If you passed the 90 Day Rule, the things that you want, he also wants. By now, you're great friends and really know what it takes to make each other happy. Doing the thoughtful things, nice things and being there for one another comes easy and remembering rule number two is required to keep him.

3. Be A Lady In The Street And A Freak In The Bed. Good Christian women should stop reading now, because I'm talking to those who are in long term relationships that have decided not to marry and no matter what God you throw at them they plan to do whatever they want to. (I'm not saying it's wrong or right, but society lives out of our control.) Most men do prefer this and it's not about just respecting him when he's not around, but I found, looking your best when you are out and about really does help your perspective when you get home. Feeling attractive, getting others to notice your confidence, vibrant personality, and your Tyra walk, just puts a wicked zesty smile on your face (and you know if it's No Panties Friday) you'll be ready to tear his clothes off when you get home. LOL. (I'm just saying). Rule three applies to the last thing of getting him to want you.

I know my sound psychology might be crazy to read, but it really all makes sense in my mind. What do you think?

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