Thursday, February 04, 2010

What is MY definition of a good woman or good man?

As I've stated before in the past, this is my platform to myself.

The fact that you've enjoyed it so much for so long has always amazed me, but a friend of mine is always saying I say the things people are just thinking.(Don't know if that's a compliment or not, but I'll take what I can get.)

Anyhoo, on FB, The FrontPage asked:

What is your definition of a good woman or good man?

I decided to respond with the following.
they're breathing...LOL... no seriously, I've had to take a serious look at this one in the past couple of years. Going on 40 (which is the new 30), happily divorced with three children, I really had to put a new spin on what a good man really is in my 21st century:
1. Does he have a valid Driver's License?
2. What's his credit score?
3. Does he have a legitimate job?
4. Does he have an email? (Men who have no knowledge techno saavy AT ALL in my book are not men I can deal with because they clearly show they are not willing to accept change.)... See More
5. (required) They have good teeth and nails. (I find that attractive, healthy and lets me know they know how to take care of self)
6. They own at least a car or their house. (By now after 35, a "good" man should have at least one asset to your name.)
7. (If applicable) You are HAPPILY taking care of your baby daddy responsibility.
8. (required) A sense of humor
9. (required) A hobby
10. (required) respect
11. (required) thoughtfulness
12. (required) spiritual
13. (optional) likes movies
14. (require) thoughtful and romantic
15. (optional) Likes to work
16. (optional) likes to travel
17. (optional) likes to workout sometime
18. (required) no drinkers
19. (required) no smokers
20. (optional) health ins, dental ins, optical
21. (optional) some savings put away for retirement
22. (required) dresses up in nice pants and shirt at least once a week. (yeah that's shallow, but i come on, if i look nice once in a while can you?)

Now I know that's a pretty long list of requirements and options, but it's like picking out a car you have to settle with for the rest of your life.  

What's yours?

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